Looking Outside the Diagnosis (Fibromyalgia Gone Wild)

December 31, 2019 Mary Kit Caelsto 0

Unless you have a really good physician, and few fibromyalgia patients do, you’ll either hear that every symptom you have is part of your fibromyalgia and there won’t be any attempts to look beyond the diagnosis (and billing code) in your chart, or you’ll hear that it’s all in your head. Often, this leaves many […]

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Preparing for 2020

December 30, 2019 Nicole Evelina 0

I sat in my favorite local coffee shop the other day and tried to do a little planning for 2020 and it only kind of worked. I mean, I have a list of goals and to-dos, but I don’t have a clear-cut plan like I have in previous years. At first, this worried me, like […]

2020 52-Week Savings Jar Challenge

December 30, 2019 Melissa McClone 0

I’ve been taking some time to prepare for 2020. That means working on my planner, picking my word for the year, getting my stuff for taxes together, as well as making sure I’m ready for the 52 Week Money/Savings Challenge (still need to put my new labe…

New Release! Santa, Baby! A naughty holiday fantasy by Lisabet Sarai

December 30, 2019 Dee S. 0

This Christmas, Santa discovers it’s nice to be naughty. Blurb: Recent university grad Matt Glaser may not have the Santa Claus beard or belly, but when it comes to earning extra holiday cash, it’s a case of ‘ho ho ho, let’s start the show’—he loves his red suit like a reindeer loves carrots. This potential … Continue reading “New Release! Santa, Baby! A naughty holiday fantasy by Lisabet Sarai”