The Aliens Next Door are back! #sfr #scifi #romance

March 22, 2017 Jessica Subject 0

For 90 days, I entered the stories from the Alien Next Door series into KDP Select in order to get them into the Kindle Unlimited program. That means they had to be exclusive to Amazon. When the 90 day period ended, I did not renew them in the program and have re-released them at ALL … Continue reading The Aliens Next Door are back! #sfr #scifi #romance

Jenny Twist’s magical tale of Christmas in Oxford

December 9, 2016 Helena Fairfax 0

Earlier this week I wrote about Holiday Magic, a new anthology of heart-warming stories for the Christmas season by the World Romance Writers group of authors. Today I’m delighted to welcome one of the authors, Jenny Twist, who is here to talk about her story, Marion. I met Jenny through our last anthology, Letterbox Love Stories. The … Continue reading