Meet the pets from all the #PetsInSpace Authors! #MeetMyPet #romance #scifirom

July 24, 2017 Jessica Subject 0

Last week I introduced you to Elynyn, the tibbar from GIB AND THE TIBBAR. Well, many of the other Embrace the Romance authors have introduced their pets as well. If you didn’t meet the pets from their stories, here are the links where you can find them… Shiza, the Foo Dog in Carol Van Natta’s … Continue reading Meet the pets from all the #PetsInSpace Authors! #MeetMyPet #romance #scifirom

Meet Elynyn and Get Your #PetsInSpace Coloring Book! #MeetMyPet #romance #scifirom #preorder

July 17, 2017 Jessica Subject 0

As many of you know, I am part of the upcoming Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 anthology. It is a collection of 12 brand new Sci-Fi Romance stories which feature pets. Not only that, but these pets are key to bringing the hero and heroine together. I was thrilled when I was invited … Continue reading Meet Elynyn and Get Your #PetsInSpace Coloring Book! #MeetMyPet #romance #scifirom #preorder

Writing is emotionally draining (and sometimes lonely)

March 18, 2017 Helena Fairfax 0

I don’t normally start a post with a negative headline – who wants to read about misery? – but this subject has been on my mind recently…and in any case, I have the perfect excuse! It’s time for March’s Round Robin, and this month the question is: Are you ever emotionally drained by writing certain scenes, and… Continue reading Writing is emotionally draining (and sometimes lonely)

A magical fairy tale for the Christmas holidays by author @Gemma_Juliana

December 20, 2016 Helena Fairfax 0

It’s a great pleasure to welcome author Gemma Juliana today. Gemma is the inspiration and guiding light of the World Romance Writers group. Their latest release – Holiday Magic – is a collection of uplifting and heartwarming stories that are absolutely perfect to delve into over Christmas. Gemma is here today to talk about her own story in … Continue reading

Jenny Twist’s magical tale of Christmas in Oxford

December 9, 2016 Helena Fairfax 0

Earlier this week I wrote about Holiday Magic, a new anthology of heart-warming stories for the Christmas season by the World Romance Writers group of authors. Today I’m delighted to welcome one of the authors, Jenny Twist, who is here to talk about her story, Marion. I met Jenny through our last anthology, Letterbox Love Stories. The … Continue reading