“The Secret of Hillcrest House” by Melanie Robertson-King #EggcerptExchange @RobertsoKing

March 20, 2017 Iris Blobel 0

Sometimes there’s more to a house than bricks and mortar. Hillcrest House is one such place. Perched on a cliff in the picturesque town of Angel Falls, there is more to this Victorian mansion than meets the eye. When referring to the house, the locals use the word haunted on a regular basis. Strange visions appear in the windows, … Continue reading ““The Secret of Hillcrest House” by Melanie Robertson-King #EggcerptExchange @RobertsoKing”

Another Exciting #Eggcerpt Exchange!

March 3, 2017 Claire Gem 0

Today I welcome author Melanie Robertson-King, an author whose byline is “Where Fact and Fiction Meet.” I love this, because as a history buff and a scientist, nothing bugs me  more than when the two don’t jive—even if it is supposed to be fiction! Melanie is presenting her “Secret of Hillcrest House” . .  Sometimes … Continue reading Another Exciting #Eggcerpt Exchange!