Something Yummy (A Favorite Recipe) – #MFRWauthor

December 8, 2017 RobinMichaela 0

We’ve reached Week 49 of the MFRWauthor Blog Challenge and, just for hanging in there with me until now, you’re getting access to A Favorite Recipe from me and the other authors in the blog hop, if you visit them (*details at the end of this article). I love my crock pot and use it … Continue reading Something Yummy (A Favorite Recipe) – #MFRWauthor

Zen Garden Writing Space? How I Wish… #MFRWauthor

November 24, 2017 RobinMichaela 0

Hello…but, I’ve just gotta ask… why are you reading this? It’s Week #47 of the #MFRWauthor 52-Week Blog Challenge, which coincides with Thanksgiving weekend. You all should either be in a turkey coma or lost in the mad chaos of Black Friday. However, since you’re here, today you get to learn about…wait for it…my writing … Continue reading Zen Garden Writing Space? How I Wish… #MFRWauthor