The Bear by Stephanie Burke

October 30, 2020 annekane 0


After observing the mistakes made by his fellow Huntsmen, Arcas, the Bear, refuses to follow their example. He immediately claims his mate, a descendant of the cat goddess Bastet. Their pairing will be powerful and his mate is courageous, w…


October 27, 2020 RWANYC 0

Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week the word prompt is “fly”. We have another episode of “The Kiss.” Scroll down to return to Tuesday Tales. Thank you for stopping by. ******************************* The boys chattered away about the monkeys. Rob…


October 20, 2020 RWANYC 0

 Welcome! Our word prompt this week is “multiply”. We have another snippet from “The Kiss”. Scroll down to return to Tuesday Tales. Thank you for coming. ***********************************************As they wended their way through the enor…

Midnight’s Assassins by Margo Bond Collins #99c #ebook #preorder #urbanfantasy #kickassheroine #werewolf #giveaway #win

October 8, 2020 Margo Bond Collins 0

A monster-hunting assassin teams up with a reluctant werewolf to take down the organization that employed her—assuming they don’t kill her first. Midnight is the poster child of The Organization. Or she would be if anyone outside The Organization knew about it. Ten years ago, The Organization plucked Ilsa Deverell out of the latest in […]