Reflections on 2023/Goals for 2024

January 2, 2024 Nicole Evelina 0

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been without internet for the past week as we packed up the last of my things in St. Louis and moved them back to South Bend so this is a little later (and longer) than originally planned. We got back last night in time to rest a little, have pizza […]

2023 Goals and Word of the Year: Health

January 1, 2023 Nicole Evelina 0

In 2021 I told myself I would work like a maniac for two years (2021 included) in order to build my career. I’ve done that in spades and I’m not going to lie, I’m exhausted. I can’t keep going the way I am and hope to live to write all the books I want to. […]

2022 Wrap Up

December 31, 2022 Nicole Evelina 0

I’m poking my head out of the writing cave (“Fierce Females in Television: A Cultural History” is due January 6) long enough to do quick review of 2022 and ponder what may be to come in 2023. Do I really have time to do this? No–the book is going slowly and while there is no […]

2022 Goals and Word of the Year: Enticing

January 3, 2022 Nicole Evelina 0

2021 was my busiest year yet on purpose, but I also discovered my limits. That’s why I want 2022 to be all about me–not in a selfish way, but in a self-care, finding balance kind of way. I really believe that we design our own lives and therefore I want to design a life I […]