Blades & Brawls: A Mystic Marauder Heroine’s Origin Story

November 21, 2022 Margo Bond Collins 0

As we head into the Thanksgiving holidays in the US, we are being inundated with Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials–so we decided to do one, too! Blades & Brawls Everyone who backs the Mystic Marauder Kickstarter campaign November 21-28 will get a FREE copy of Blades & Brawls, the origin story of our heroine, […]

Mystic Marauder: Vampires & Violence, Pirate’s Treasure Journal, New Art, & More! #kickstarter #books #pirates #vampires #shifters #witches

November 9, 2022 Margo Bond Collins 0

Hello, everyone! We have several updates today–check them out below! Stretch Goal #3 We’ve hit our third stretch goal and will be writing Vampires & Violence, the villain’s origin story! Stretch Goal #4 And our next stretch goal bonus is an exclusive Pirate’s Treasure journal. Everyone will get a printable version, and merch-level backers will […]

Mystic Marauder Surprise Bonus: Original Watercolor Scene #kickstarter #reverseharem #fantasyromance #pirates #shifters #vampires #witches

November 3, 2022 Margo Bond Collins 0

Surprise Bonus When we get halfway between stretch levels 2 & 3, we will include a surprise bonus–an original watercolor of a scene from Mystic Marauder! Everyone will receive a digital copy, and all merch-level backers will receive a postcard print of the image. Giveaway Remember to enter to win the Premium Mystic Marauder Romance […]

Mystic Marauder Stretch Goal 2 Unlocked! #kickstarter #reverseharem #paranormalromance #historicalfantasy #pirates #vampires #shifters #witches

October 31, 2022 Margo Bond Collins 0

Welcome to this Mystic Marauder update! Stretch Goals Over the weekend, we reached our second stretch goal! That means everyone who backs the campaign will be getting pirate- and witch-themed stickers. And our next stretch goal is the additional villain origin story, featuring the vampire Thomas Le Baron. We’ll share our cover for that with […]