Breakfast Buddies #NewRelease by Ildar Daminov #Giveaway #LGBTQIA+

November 6, 2022 Adriana Kraft 0

Title: Breakfast Buddies Author: Ildar Daminov Publisher: NineStar Press Release Date: 11/01/2022 Heat Level: 1 – No Sex Pairing: Male/Male Length: 23900 Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, college students, self-discovery, first love, cultural differences, writing Add to Goodreads Description We humans are spectacularly bad at understanding our own emotions. A socially conservative Asian young man makes a […]

Appearance is everything – or is it? How much character description should a writer give?

September 24, 2022 Helena Fairfax 0

Another month, another authors’ Round Robin. And another through-provoking question in our writers’ group… What do you define in your writing about your characters and what do you leave to the reader’s intuition? Is there anything you never tell about a character? There’s a LOT to these questions but they got me thinking in particular… Continue reading Appearance is everything – or is it? How much character description should a writer give?

Reading Tarot Spreads to Help With Your Writing

July 8, 2021 Nicole Evelina 0

This is the second part in a series on the tarot. If you’re new to it, please start with part one for an introduction to the cards, how they work and what they mean, then come back to learn how to use them in your writing. Before you read, you might like to find a […]

How to Use the Tarot in Your Writing

July 7, 2021 Nicole Evelina 0

Two weeks ago at the Historical Novel Society conference, I participated in a brief lecture from my dear friend Kris Waldherr on how writers can use the tarot to help plan their books. It not only re-invigorated me in my study of tarot and inspired me to create my own deck, it reminded me I […]