Erotica? Erotic Romance? Full Circle #NSFW #EroticRomance #Tarot #Menage

January 22, 2024 Adriana Kraft 0

Three of Cups: Bounty, abundance, celebration, fruition…all have come full circle Is it Erotica? Is it Erotic Romance? The next book Mr. Kraft and I published blurs the boundary and is the steamiest book we’ve ever written: Full Circle, published in 2007. Readers born any time after the seventies probably won’t remember a time when […]

Full Circle ~ Erotic Menage Romance #Excerpt

November 13, 2022 Adriana Kraft 0

BLURB The Three of Cups: Bounty, abundance, celebration, fruition… all have come full circle Exotic dancer Barbra Atkins has spent ten years carefully choreographing every step of her meteoric rise to success on the private club circuit. Now it’s payback time for the two college roommates who didn’t have time for their nerdy classmate ~ […]