Out Now! Fangs, Fur and the Single Girl, by Lisabet Sarai #Shifter #Vampire #UrbanFantasy #Menage #Polyamory #LoveTriangle #Werewolf #Alpha #NewYork #BloodDrinker #ParanormalRomance #EroticRomance

April 12, 2024 Adriana Kraft 0

Is it possible to have more than one soul mate? BOOK INFORMATION Title: Fangs, Fur and the Single Girl Author: Lisabet Sarai Paranormal Polyamory, Urban Fantasy 71,000 words, 257 pages Smashwords and Amazon KDP ISBN (Smashwords): 9798224674015 ASIN: ‎‎B0CXF755SM‎ BLURB A tragically attractive vampire, a hunky wolf-man and a skeptical but susceptible career gal. What […]

Erotica? Erotic Romance? Full Circle #NSFW #EroticRomance #Tarot #Menage

January 22, 2024 Adriana Kraft 0

Three of Cups: Bounty, abundance, celebration, fruition…all have come full circle Is it Erotica? Is it Erotic Romance? The next book Mr. Kraft and I published blurs the boundary and is the steamiest book we’ve ever written: Full Circle, published in 2007. Readers born any time after the seventies probably won’t remember a time when […]

Luci, how could you? #MFRWHooks #EroticRomance #LaterInLife

January 17, 2024 Adriana Kraft 0

For week three, I’m featuring my first submission and acceptance with Extasy Books, published in 2007. You can read more about the story behind The Diary and the choice to set it in Chicago and the U.K. HERE. Welcome to MFRW Hooks, where the authors of Marketing for Romance Writers share snippets from their stories to […]

Setting: Stratford-Upon-Avon #EroticRomance #steamyromance

January 15, 2024 Adriana Kraft 0

A rakish professor, a flaming redhead, her petite younger sister, and the redhead’s bi Italian girlfriend in a blistering transcontinental tale of revenge gone awry. Chicago, Illinois. London, England. Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Special places, for both Mr. Kraft and myself. How do we choose where to place a story, when there’s the entire world to choose […]