Blogging about Deep Summer and Fans

July 31, 2018 Unknown 0

Deep summer is all about finding a place in the shade if you’re outside, along with a drink of icy water. The combination of heat and humidity will drain you quick in the South, so that’s why if you ever write a story set during deep summer, make sure …

#WednesdayWriter Quote

July 25, 2018 Unknown 0

I love this quote!!! Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday! Just think this time next Wednesday it will be August. Where has the year gone?

#MondayMovie Review: Hostiles

July 24, 2018 Unknown 0

I had reservations about watching this movie as I thought it might be filled with explicit violence. I don’t mind violence in movies but I hate the “close up” kind like graphic depictions of a character getting half their head shot off. Needless to say…