My Review: The Last Great Saxon Earls, by Mercedes Rochelle @authorrochelle #1066 #KU #MedievalHistory #UKHistory #Review

February 18, 2023 Adriana Kraft 0

The Last Great Saxon Earls, by Mercedes Rochelle I first “met” Earl Godwine in Helen Hollick’s exquisite fictional account of Queen Emma, The Forever Queen. But the earl and his sons were shadowy figures on the edges of my awareness as I continued to explore more pre-Norman historical fiction. Mercedes Rochelle has knit all the puzzle […]

My Review: Ascent: A story of danger, adversity, and love (House of Normandy Book 1), by Cathie Dunn @cathiedunn #Normandy #HistoricalFiction #Rollo #KU

December 31, 2022 Adriana Kraft 0

Since I wish to focus my next spate of Book Reviews on women across the ages who’ve had an impact on the history of the British Empire, where better to start than the hand-fasted first wife of of Rollo, the the Viking invader of Rouen, whose whose great-great-grandson conquered England in 1066? Historical fiction author […]