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Hunted by V.M. Nelson

November 25, 2022 Valerie Ullmer 0

Hunted V.M. Nelson (The Dhampyr Series, #1) Publication date: October 25th 2022 Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult Tasi, an eighteen-year-old, head-strong, blood-drinking, dhampyr, has been hidden away in a small town in Maine since the death of her paren…

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The Dog Roses: Na Feirdhriseacha by David H. Millar

October 28, 2022 Valerie Ullmer 0

The Dog Roses: Na Feirdhriseacha spinoff from the Conall Series by David H. Millar Genre: Epic Historical Fantasy – “You have no weapons, striapach.” “I am the weapon, tuilí.” It is 400 B.C. The mist clears and three triremes glide into the calm …

Volaria by M.D. Neu

October 7, 2022 Valerie Ullmer 0

M.D. Neu has a new gay paranormal book out: Volaria. And there’s a giveaway. Humans are no longer alone; they have been joined by Arcanes, Lycans, and Vampires. It’s been over a hundred years since the Earth went through The Shift. Where once alm…

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In Her Eyes by Erica Alexander

September 29, 2022 Valerie Ullmer 0

Title: In Her Eyes Author: Erica Alexander Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: September 29, 2022 Cover Design: 100 Covers – – – – Three missing women. Two shared fates. One epic love story. He saved my life, then disappeared…

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First Born Sons by Vincent Traughber Meis

September 23, 2022 Valerie Ullmer 0

Vincent Traughber Meis has a new LGBTQ+ contemporary literary book out (gay, trans FTM, bi, gender fluid): First Born Sons. And there’s a giveaway. A group of coastal California residents battle wildfires, racism, and their own demons in five distinct …

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The Island Mother by Jon Cohn

September 2, 2022 Valerie Ullmer 0

Horror / Suspense / Thriller Date Published: July 14, 2022  …  … Leigh Ramos is a woman on the run from her own life. After barely escaping from a toxic relationship with a drug dealer, emotionally codependent Leigh decides to start her life over somew…

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Gaga Crazy by Camaa Pearl

May 5, 2022 Valerie Ullmer 0

Title: Gaga Crazy Series: Lagos Lovin’ Book #1 Author: Camaa Pearl Genre: Friends to Lovers Romance Release Date: May 3, 2022 … … … … “Gaga Crazy was a delight to read! The characters were spunky, full of life and downright hilarious. Get ready f…