On Tour: The King’s Command, by Rosemary Hayes @HayesRosemary #BookReview #HistoricalFiction #Huguenots #LouisXIV #BlogTour #TheCoffeePotBookClub

October 5, 2023 Adriana Kraft 0

Book Information  Book Title: The King’s Command: For God or Country Author: Rosemary Hayes Publication Date: July 3rd, 2023 Publisher: Sharpe Books Page Length: 415 Genre: Historical Fiction Blurb: Sixteen-year-old Lidie Brunier has everything; looks, wealth, health and a charming suitor, but there are dark clouds on the horizon. Lidie and her family are committed […]

#MustRead for #4thOfJuly – Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy, Ron Chernow, Diana Rubino, and Piper Huguley #IndependenceDay #FourthOfJuly #OurHistory #NeverForget #MFRWAuthors

July 4, 2023 Adriana Kraft 0

If you’re an American, take a moment today to ponder how we got here. The American Revolution was a complex web of motivations, alliances, happenstance, luck, hard work, and some would say divine providence. If you only ever read three books to deepen your understanding, here is what I recommend: The Men Who Lost America: […]

My Review: The Last Great Saxon Earls, by Mercedes Rochelle @authorrochelle #1066 #KU #MedievalHistory #UKHistory #Review

February 18, 2023 Adriana Kraft 0

The Last Great Saxon Earls, by Mercedes Rochelle I first “met” Earl Godwine in Helen Hollick’s exquisite fictional account of Queen Emma, The Forever Queen. But the earl and his sons were shadowy figures on the edges of my awareness as I continued to explore more pre-Norman historical fiction. Mercedes Rochelle has knit all the puzzle […]

The Huguenot Chronicles, by Paul C. R. Monk @pcrmonk: Review and Reflections #Huguenot #HistoricalFiction #KU

February 4, 2023 Adriana Kraft 0

Both my husband and I have French Huguenot ancestors. Each of our mothers carried the original immigrant’s Huguenot surname, though anglicized. Not long after the 1685 revocation of the Edict of Nantes, his mother’s ancestor emigrated from Normandy, France, to the Northern Neck of Virginia. He arrived sometime between 1687 and 1693. It is thought […]