#MustRead for #4thOfJuly – Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy, Ron Chernow, Diana Rubino, and Piper Huguley #IndependenceDay #FourthOfJuly #OurHistory #NeverForget #MFRWAuthors

July 4, 2023 Adriana Kraft 0

If you’re an American, take a moment today to ponder how we got here. The American Revolution was a complex web of motivations, alliances, happenstance, luck, hard work, and some would say divine providence. If you only ever read three books to deepen your understanding, here is what I recommend: The Men Who Lost America: […]

League of Women Voters Book Release – Feb. 5

February 2, 2023 Nicole Evelina 0

I haven’t talked much about this book because it will be of interest to a very niche group of readers, but the book I wrote for the St. Louis Metro League of Women Voters is out! We’re celebrating its release this coming Sunday. So if you live in St. Louis, I’d love to see you! […]

Another Book Contract!

September 9, 2021 Nicole Evelina 0

After a lot of waiting and years of research, I’m so happy to announce this contract: I am so thrilled to be sharing her “forgotten” story with the world. The biography is really a dual biography of her and her husband, Francis, because they were “partners in crime” on the subject of suffrage–and equal in […]

Fearless Females: Mary Elizabeth (Eliza) Mahoney

August 11, 2021 Nicole Evelina 0

August 1 was the anniversary of Mary Elizabeth (Eliza) Mahoney becoming the first Black woman to graduate from an American school of nursing. She’s considered the first officially trained Black nurse in the United States. Early Life Mary Eliza Mahoney was born in April or May of 1845 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, to parents who were […]

Nominate Virginia Minor and/or Victoria Woodhull to be on a Quarter

May 1, 2021 Nicole Evelina 0

Ever wanted to see a woman on a quarter? Here’s your chance to nominate her! In January, the Treasury Department signed the Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act of 2020 into law. This law requires the U.S. Mint to issue quarters featuring prominent American women from January 1, 2022 through the end of 2025. The act allows […]