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    5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review! Get your free 5-star seal! Reviewed By Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite Dorothy A. Bell’s historical romance The Widow’s Ferry will keep you riveted as it takes you back in American history. Anora Claire Sennet’s journey began in the year 1841 when her father, mother, aunt, […]

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My work has found a new home: Hartwood Publishing,

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Dance Hall Road E-book $4.99 pre-order available Release date July 11, 2017 Dance Hall Road the first in a series of four. Do-si-do, Jo and the Pinkerton man and one more as yet untitled. Look for Dance Hall Road in July, Do-si-do in September and Jo and the Pinkerton Man around the first of […]


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Our tiny home, 352 square feet is set in a mobile home park. We moved in January of 2016. First order of business, hook up to utilities, sewer, water. Next: skirting and steps, gutters on both sides, deck, landscape. Inside, the choices for flooring and counter tops were dark for our Park Model home. We […]

One Arm Tied Behind My Back

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Flash Fiction Contest winner. 1st prize. We were given the first line.   One Arm Tied Behind My Back By Dorothy A. Bell She stumbled out the front door and down the wet steps, tears streaming down her cheeks. His smiling face a blur, Kay took a leap and flew into his waiting embrace. […]

A Day In The Life of Enid Clay

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Also available on Amazon Cloud: A Day in the Life Of Enid Clay By Dorothy A. Bell September 1, 2014 More short stories This is a simi-autobiographical account of a series of episodes in my life before knee replacement surgery. The names have been changed to protect the author. The events compacted for the […]

Family Favorite Recipe

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This post, as well as all my short stories, can be snatched from Amazon Cloud: Favorite Family Recipes Grandma Cynthia’s Apple Dumplings 3 medium sized apples cut in half or 6 small apples pealed and cored. (Save peelings for syrup). Dough 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon salt ¾ cup margarine or butter 5 and […]

Uncle Corbin’s Way

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  Also available on Amazon Cloud:   Uncle Corbin’s Way By Dorothy A. Bell 7/1/14 Word count 2,393 pages 8 For fifty years, I’ve hated being that orphan, Purdy Alton Day Pulchosky. At the age of six, I tried to get everyone to call me Chuck. I punched, kicked and cursed those who […]