How to get reviews for your novel #amwriting

April 22, 2017 Helena Fairfax 0

  This month’s question for our authors’ Round Robin was suggested by Victoria Chatham, and it’s another excellent topic… “Love ’em or hate ’em, reviews help sell books – but how to get them?” I’m so glad this question has come up this month, because I’d love to know the answer myself! I’m looking forward to hearing what the… Continue reading How to get reviews for your novel #amwriting

How to research a location you haven’t actually been to #amwriting

April 14, 2017 Helena Fairfax 0

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, or read any of my books, you’ll know how important setting is to me in my writing. In this post about Richmond Park, for example, I wrote about how I tried to combine the setting for The Antique Love with the theme of the book, and how I used… Continue reading How to research a location you haven’t actually been to #amwriting

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dialogue Tags #writetip #amwriting

April 8, 2017 Helena Fairfax 0

Ryan Lanz runs the excellent blog A Writer’s Path – a great resource for writers, full of ideas and writing tips. I’m delighted to welcome Ryan here today with an excellent post on the do’s and don’ts of dialogue tags. I’m just in the process of editing my next novel, so his article has come at just… Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Dialogue Tags #writetip #amwriting

Making a start in romance editing @TheSfEP @HelenSaltEdit #amediting

March 26, 2017 Helena Fairfax 0

A while ago I got into conversation with an academic editor called Helen Stevens (@HelenSaltEdit) on Twitter. I’d been posting photos of Saltaire – the village where we live in Yorkshire – and we found we had a lot in common. We decided to meet IRL (or “in real life” – I’m down with the terminology 🙂 ) and… Continue reading Making a start in romance editing @TheSfEP @HelenSaltEdit #amediting

Writing is emotionally draining (and sometimes lonely)

March 18, 2017 Helena Fairfax 0

I don’t normally start a post with a negative headline – who wants to read about misery? – but this subject has been on my mind recently…and in any case, I have the perfect excuse! It’s time for March’s Round Robin, and this month the question is: Are you ever emotionally drained by writing certain scenes, and… Continue reading Writing is emotionally draining (and sometimes lonely)

How writers can learn from artists and let the reader tell the story

March 7, 2017 Helena Fairfax 0

The artist Auguste Renoir once said that none of his paintings told a specific story. He explained that he kept things vague deliberately because he didn’t want to limit the painting’s scope, and that he wanted his viewers to come away with their own meaning, rather than have him dictate to them what they ought to think. Here is … Continue reading

A darker side to Edinburgh in Jennifer Young’s edgy romantic suspense

January 27, 2017 Helena Fairfax 0

Last year I released The Scottish Diamond – a romantic suspense novella set in Edinburgh. The scenes in my story follow a trail often taken by tourists, taking in sights such as Castle, the Grassmarket, and Calton Hill. Jennifer Young is a Scottish author living in Edinburgh, and her new, edgy romantic suspense – Blank Space – shows … Continue reading